Friday, February 26, 2010

I should be in a good mood, I had homemade doughnuts (the girls and I had a doughnut party) and a huge real coke this afternoon.....but no I am just tired and sadly enough still hungry. My husband is out of town and when he isn't here I am just out of sorts. That and I have a HUGE laundry list of things to do which includes a HUGE pile of laundry. I am waking up early tomorrow morning to go to KC for my father-in-law's 60th birthday bash and before we leave I have to finish wrapping the cookies I made- 75 cookies total, handmade with love and iced with the colors of the German flag and wrapped into 25 little packages with black,red & yellow ribbon. Finish the centerpiece for the birthday breakfast, pack myself and the girls, clean up the crayons and markers in the living room the girls used to make birthday cards for Opa, feed the dog who is staring at me as I type, pick up the house so we don't come home and think we were robbed because as of right now it looks that way.
I am tired. I am hungry.

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  1. your cookies looked awesome, and think of KC as a little break in the monotony. hang in there mama. thanks for giving Sonya a fun afteroon.