Monday, July 26, 2010

what I have done today

My husband had the day off so he took the girls to the zoo while I stayed home and took care of business.

Today I.....
Washed the sheets
vacuumed the upstairs & basement
made cinnamon muffins
put away the girls laundry
unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher
made the bed in the basement
mopped the upstairs
picked up the girls rooms
cleaned the bathroom
dusted the shelves in the living room
cleared off the kitchen table (which was COVERED with crap)
started dinner- BBQ beef brisket (yummy)

When I was finished I sat on the couch with my diet Dr. Pepper all ready to relax and 4 minutes and 52 seconds later (I know the exact time because that was how long I was into the show I taped last night) Erich and the girls came home.

Tonight I have made dinner, cleaned the fish tank and now I am off to clean the kitchen (again)

Good times.

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