Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I Jenny Weimer am a blogaholic........I love reading blogs, thinking about things to post on my blog- new recipes to try, crafts to do with the kids, fun tips to share. I love being able to sit at my kitchen table with my diet Dr. Pepper (yeah, I am addicted to that too!) and have a sneak peak into peoples lives and thoughts. trust me it's addictive!
Check out my favorites blogs, there is a list over on the right of this page, and you will see why I love everything about blogging! My favorite right now is The Pioneer Woman I love everything she writes, her stories, recipes and pictures are awesome! So today when you have a minute check out a her blog, or any blog for that matter!
Happy blogging!!!!
Feel free to leave comments about blogs you like to read! Or any comments- I love comments!


  1. hi jenny! SO glad to see you started a blog! i'm adding you to my reader b/c i might just have to try some of your recipes! :) and for sure, let's have a playdate!!! anytime! just let me know!

  2. Thanks for having me on your list! I'm addicted to blogging too :) Gina

  3. ok, so the blog thing IS totally addicting! I love your blog and your recipes sound great! Thanks for sharing!