Thursday, March 18, 2010

Craptastic week

This week has been- how shall I put this.....well just crappy. My in-laws were wonderful and took the girls last weekend which was awesome. The only problem- bunny baby was left in KC- it was found later under a small table in their library, out of sight, hidden by a tablecloth. Why did MG have it there is the first place? No clue. MG did OK without her beloved bunny baby, my mother-in-law overnighted to us and all was well- I did have a slight heart attack when they call in Columbia to tell me it was left in KC but all was good when Ellie let MG borrow a unicorn to sleep with.
On Monday I had the joy of spending 3 1/2 hours at the dentist (damn you diet Dr. Pepper) on Tuesday I got to go back for another 4 hours for a root canal, that sucked! Near the end I felt like I was in a torture chamber- I almost pulled all of the crap out of my mouth and ran but I didn't, I stayed and turned my ipod up and has visions of our trip next week to Wonderland (aka Disney World) Wednesday brought on the day of the double ear infection for MG- poor little thing. Today started off with a bang as I played referee between the battle of the Weimer girls. So today in honor of my craptastic week I am going to think on the positive and think of all the things that make me happy.....
Erich, Ellie, Mary Grace, awesome neighbors who watch you kids while you are being tortured at the dentist AND let you borrow a stroller for your trip to wonderland- thanks Missy, friends who shuttle you kids around- thanks Shannon, friends who offer to watch your kids after a root canal- thanks Kathleen, friends who drop off awesome hand-me-downs -thanks Jill! So right now I guess I am just happy to be surrounded by awesome people.

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