Friday, March 12, 2010


Here is what I made today:
Egg Casserole (Green for St. Paddy's Day)
Gooey Butter cake (also green)
Green & orange jello shots
banana bread
English muffin bread- my first attempt @ bread, loved making it and LOVED the results
whipped cinnamon butter

The kids are out of town, E is having the guys over for cards tonight and we are having friends over for breakfast before heading down the the St. Paddy's Day parade tomorrow morning. Should be a nice weekend :)
I do miss my girls though, Fridays are usually movie night at our house and the girls love watching a movie and eating popcorn with M&Ms (who doesn't?)
Life is good, I am happy- hanging out in the bedroom (staying clear of the guys playing poker in the kitchen) watching TV, drinking soda (oh yes I am) reading the latest gossip magazines and getting ready to paint my nails....yes life is good!

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