Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the list

Here is my list of things I don't drink and why:
1) regular soda- once the love of my life, taken away due to too many calories
2) Coffee drinks of any type- just not a fan of the flavor
3) Tea of any kind, hot or cold I just don't like tea
4) Wine- I think it tastes like Easter Egg Dye
5) Beer- just nasty
6) Juice- calories and sugar have taken this away from me
7) Most any beverage with alcohol- once again not a fan of the taste......but when push comes to shove I will down a "fruity" drink....mainly when I am out with my husband and his co-workers- why you ask? Why not? Yes I should be on my best behavior with his co-workers but trust me they are a rowdy group :)

That leaves a few drink choices- Crystal light, diet soda and water......oh why oh why does soda have to be so bad for you?
Even after being told I have like a million cavities AND need a root canal you would think I would want to give up soda but no, not me. On the way home from the dentist I stopped by McDonald's and got a real coke, because that is just how I roll :)

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