Thursday, April 1, 2010

Making Soap

This is a really easy and fun thing to do, it is great to give as a little gift!
All you need is:
Clear Glycerin soap- this is available at Michael's for around $10

a mold (available @ Michael's)
food coloring
small items that will fit into your mold, today we used bugs from Target's dollar section

essential oil (available @ Michael's)

Melt soap in microwave according to directions on package

Add the coloring and scent you like, we choose blue (1 or 2 drops should do)and pear scent.
Add a little of the soap to the mold to give it a base, add your small items and top off with the rest of the soap.

Let them cool for 20-40 minutes.
Apply gentle pressure to release soap from the mold

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