Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My love affair with soda

What I wanted to buy:
-new sunglasses (Ray Ban's to be exact, which is a joke b/c I am sure I would lose the in no time so it would be like ripping up $120)
-wireless printer
-new Toms shoes (I have a red pair that I LOVE now I want another color to add to my collection)

What I spent $$$$ on instead:
the dentist-UGH!!!!! My diet Dr. Pepper addiction has caught up with me in full force. How could my love do this to me??? The dentist said I should cut back, let's be real- drinking diet WAS cutting back for me! I used to have an addiction to real coke, which I still have an affair with every once in a while....umm reading that sentence back was bad- real coke as in the soda, although if you talk to my dentist you would think they were the same.
So now I think about all the things I wanted to buy (but could never really afford, or would feel horribly guilty buying) and instead the money I never really had to begin with is going to the person I am not a huge fan of- the dentist, YUCK!!!!!

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