Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Night

"Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody".....oh Cat Stevens and I have something in common tonight!
My husband is at WGHS prom (working) and I am sitting at home.....again....alone. This week has been crazy, E has had to work 2 track meets, he went to a retirement ceremony and then on Friday night he went to the retirement party- where was I for all those nights? Home...with the kids. Erich did bring me home a piece of cake so I was happy :)
This afternoon as E was leaving a HUGE rainstorm hit, causing us to have no power- UGH! So as E was leaving to go to dinner with his co-works, to a restaurant I have been wanting to go to forever- Vin De Set- I was lighting candles, cleaning up pee off the floor (thanks MG!) and wondering what the hell I was going to do. E told me to take the girls to the mall, so I thought great idea! I loaded up the kids and we headed out to get dinner. As I got to West County Mall I saw police everywhere! Turns out a tornado had hit down on the roof of Macy's....REALLY???!!!
Thankfully the mall was still open so we had dinner, walked around- got crowns and headbands from some random store my girls loved and then ended our trip with some cookies from Mrs. Fields. Turned out to be an OK night after all.
So now I sit here, kids are asleep and I am enjoying my diet coke and cookie catching up on my favorite shows.......another Saturday night

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