Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grumpy Smurf

If I were a Smurf I would be Grumpy Smurf......I am crabby.....beyond crabby....

Things that have annoyed me this afternoon:
-my husband telling me his stomach is upset- AFTER I started cooking dinner
-the kitchen floor, it's nasty AGAIN and I have mopped it twice this week
-my husband coming home with a brand new phone while I still have a crappy OLD phone and watching him play with all the new gadgets on it
-kids left the door open so now there are not one but two flies in the house-gross!
-I sat down to eat my dinner and E turned the channel to some gross food show where they were cooking calf liver.....needless to say I lost my appetite.....maybe not such a bad thing, this could be a new diet plan :)
-the girls fighting over cups of water....yes cups of water, who got to drink out of the water bottle and who got to drink out of the green cup
-looking at the clock at 9:13 to realize I have missed the first 13 minutes of Top Chef
-Knowing there are dishes in the sink that have to be done before I go to bed....but after I take a shower so the hot water doesn't run out in the middle of washing my hair
-no Diet Dr. Pepper in the fridge
-the thought of my husband going on a golf trip this weekend.....he gets to golf, drink, smoke cigars and hang out with friends while I battle with Frick and Frack over cups of water
-Trying to get donations lined up for the benefit that is 2 weeks away, trying to get the the word out so people show up to the event and it's not a huge failure (my biggest fear)
-my husband telling me I am talking too loud on the phone, as he turns up the volume on the TV....this coming from a man who no one understands on the phone because he mumbles....that was a little mean...but really he does mumble

Yes I could go on for about 20 more things but for now I am going to listen to my "in a funk" song- Stop This Train by John Mayer and take a long hot shower, using my favorite Rosemary & Mint Shampoo, put on my comfy robe that E hates, wash the dishes and go to bed praying that tomorrow I will be less grumpy

**Editor's Note**
Yes I should be happy & thankful that I have healthy, beautiful children and I have a husband who despite my total crabfest still loves me.....and I trust me I am thankful just annoyed

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