Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Not meaning to make you jealous.....well maybe just a less than 20 days I will be laying on the beach in Hawaii. Yes you read that right- I am going to Hawaii. AND I am staying in a six bedroom beautiful house on the beach.

Oh yes dreams do come true!

Wanna get a sneak peek of my travels? Check out the website for the house- yes the house has it's own website!
Click here to check it out: Bali Ho

Are you green with envy?

Did I mention that my kids are staying here?

And the trip has been paid for?


I have the best in-laws ever and the best parents ever!

While I am laying on the beach enjoying the sun, reading a book and having a few cocktails my parents will be taking care of the kiddos.....suckers.....just kidding

kind of

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