Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Treat for me

Today was one of those mornings that I had a list of errands to run. I dropped Ellie off at school and Mary Grace and I headed off to Target to pick up some supplies for Ellie's upcoming big birthday bash (more on that later) we rushed around, got what we needed....and some things we didn't and I dropped MG off at school. Next stop was Hobby Lobby, I could have spent hours and hundreds of dollars there but I was on a mission, get a gift for a birthday party Ellie is going to this weekend- her first sleepover...is she old enough for a sleepover??? A few more items and I was out the door and onto the next stop, Kirkwood Farmers Market. Such a fun place! I bought 2 huge mums for our front porch and a treat for my mother-in-law who is coming in town and as I was checking out I saw a treat for myself and let me tell you it was awesome! A little loaf of fluffy homemade white bread WITH a little container of honey butter. It was so good, and I use the word was because it is GONE.
All the running around was so worth the treat at the end :)

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