Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ellie Bean

Let me tell you how proud of this little girl I am.....she is a rock star! Today we had to take her down to Children's hospital for a brain scan and x-rays- more on that later. Ellie had to be sedated for the brain scan which was tough! I do have to say the nurses and doctors were AWESOME!! As we checked in they let Ellie pick out a book (Toy Story) that she got to keep and take home. They explained everything they were going to do, told her it was OK to cry, let her see the I.V. and explained to her what is was and what it did and even let her play with an i pad to keep her busy while she got the I.V. in her arm-pretty cool stuff.
When Ellie woke up from her sedation her nurse Heather left her a note saying what a great job she did and left her stickers as a treat! love love love them!
So to get back to my little rock star- do you know what Ellie did before we went to the hospital? She made 2 pictures, a girl nurse and a boy nurse because she didn't know what she was going to have. She wanted to make pictures of he people that were going to help her.
Here they are:

I just think that it is so cool that my daughter thinks of others like that! When she met our nurse- Heather, Ellie proudly handed her the picture that she drew.
Ellie is such a compassionate girl, I could not be more proud of the way she handled herself today!
Love you my little Ellie Bean!

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