Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ups, Downs & Link

This week has been pretty good!
-giving up soda- day 4 and I am still going strong. (Do I need to remind you of my addiction to Polar Pops? I started my day with 44 ounces of diet coke!)
-I started back at the gym last week and I have gone 3 days this week and plan on going today after I drop MG off at school
-had a nice afternoon with my mom yesterday
-sleeping much better at night! Who knew giving up soda and exercise would help you sleep at night ;)
-I get to have an adult night out on Saturday night- we are celebrating Patrick & Caron's engagement!
-tyring new low fat recipes for dinner

-giving up soda :)
-working out
-Grey's Anatomy is a repeat
-Dentist appointment tomorrow (UGH)

Link It Up
For Valentine's Day I am going to make homemade marshmallows for my girls.....dipped in chocolate- yummy!
here is where I found a great recipe: Our Best Bites

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