Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine's Chair Backer

What you need:
3 pieces of 12X18 Stiff Felt
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Pinking Sheers- sewing section at Hobby Lobby
Ruler or scoring tool
Velcro buttons-sewing section at Hobby Lobby
Embellishments of your choice: ribbon, buttons, lettering, etc.
Two pieces of 81/2X11 plain paper to make your pattern

1. Fold one of piece of white paper in half to create the top envelope portion of your seat backer.
2. Unfold paper and fold in top two corner to create an even perfect triangle.
3. Tape your second piece of paper to your triangle folded paper leaving 3/4 of an inch between the triangle and the second paper. See photo 3 & 4. This will make it easy for your chair backer to fold easily.
4. Tape pattern onto a 12X18 stiff felt sheet. Using pinking sheers, cut felt out according to pattern. Place cut-out felt aside.
5. Tape third sheet of plain paper onto a second 12X18 stiff felt sheet. Cut felt out using the white paper as your guide or pattern. This felt piece will be the front section of your Valentine chair backer.
6. Using a ruler, lightly mark where you will need to score your felt for the fold.
7. Score your felt 3/4 in from bottom of triangle to create your Valentine chair backer’s envelope fold.
8. Take second piece of cut stiff felt (the 8.5X11 square) and cut a half circle. This step is not necessary, but does make it easier for little hands to put Valentines in each other’s envelopes.
9. Gather embellishments of your choice and decorate.
10. Hot glue the sides of your two cut-out felt sheets together. Near the top of your chair backer hot glue ribbon of your choice in between the two felt sheets. See photo.
11. Hot glue velcro buttons onto chair backer to keep envelope closed.

For more information go to: NoFussFabulous

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