Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ceiling Kite

from Kaboose

Make this whimsical kite to hang from the ceiling of your bedroom. Choose whatever colors you like to make it your very own!

What you'll need:
Two 12” skinny wooden dowels
24” x 18” piece of fabric
1 sheet of construction paper, any light color
White yarn
Hot glue gun
Crepe paper streamers in colors to match your fabric

How to make it:
Use scissors to cut off approximately two to three inches from one of the dowels.
Lay construction paper down on work surface. Place dowels onto construction paper. Place the shorter dowel across the longer dowel to form a cross.
Hot glue the shorter dowel to longer dowel to hold it in place. Wrap yarn around the center of the cross, enough to secure it and hold it together. Glue end of yarn down to itself.
Place cross onto construction paper and use a pen or pencil to draw a simple kite shape around the cross. Use scissors to cut out the kite shape.
Tack the cross to the construction paper with hot glue.
Place the construction paper kite onto the back side of the fabric. Without gluing anything, fold the edges of the fabric around the kite frame. Trim fabric as needed. Then tack fabric in place with hot glue, making sure not to leave any open gaps.
Cut two three-inch lengths of yarn. Find the center of one of the lengths of yarn and lay it across the back of the kite, along the horizontal section of the cross. Hot glue the yarn in place. (You will have pieces of yarn dangling off the sides of the kite.) Repeat with other length along the vertical dowel.
Gather up the ends of the yarn and hold the kite up in the air. Manipulate the yarn lengths until the kite is hanging at the angle you like. Gather all four pieces in place and tie in a knot. Trim the excess lengths of yarn.
Cut another three-inch length of yarn. Hot glue one end to the bottom of the back of the kite to create the tail.
Cut three-inch lengths of crepe paper streamers. Twist the center of each streamer two or three times to create a bow tie. Hot glue each “bow tie” to the yarn about two inches apart all the way down the tail.
Hang your finished kite from the ceiling with a thumbtack. Tack the tail of the kite up as well, or hang near a corner of the room and tack the tail along one of the walls.

Try using fishing line instead of yarn to hang the kite.
Choose a medium-weight fabric. Fabrics that are very thin may cause light to shine through, showing the makings of the kite.
Fabric remnants can be found at local craft stores, discount department stores, and fabric stores.

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