Saturday, June 11, 2011

summer fun

The girls and I have come up with a list of things we want to do this summer, they love to know what we have planned for the week so wrote all our ideas on index cards, jazzed up a bulletin board and our summer scheduled was created

Here are some of the things on our list:
**click on the bold and it will lead you to the link**
-go to the pool
-paint me pottery
-have a tea party (with the cups we painted)
-go camping
-go to camp grandma (girls go to KC and mom & dad get a break- awesome!)
-make friendship bracelets
-make ice cream in a bag
-make root beer floats
-go to the library
-free summer movie series (Weherenberg theaters)
-play with shaving cream (bought this at the $ store and it was a BIG hit!)
-play with water balloons
-make bookmarks
-make a surprise for Daddy for Father's Day
-Play putt putt golf
-make rock candy
-have a pink party
-make chocolate bowls
-make a craft with yarn
-make craft stick flags
-make a 4th of July treat
-make handprint flowers
-make sidewalk paint
-make paper flowers
-tie dye t-shirts

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