Saturday, November 12, 2011

Advent Calendar

The word advent originated from a Latin word meaning 'arrival'. With an advent calendar, you countdown each day until Christmas in a special way. Instead of small toys or candy we have decided to make a list of fun to do this Christmas Season as a family. 
Here is our list of 25 things we are going to do- not in any order

- make Christmas cookies
- drive around Webster and look at Christmas lights
- read the book "Good Gave Us Christmas"
- make red & green bead bracelets
- Pizza with Santa- thanks Kristen!!
- make homemade ornaments, maybe these:

- afternoon with Santa, a St. Louis Police Wives Event
- drive through Tilles and look at the Christmas lights
- family movie night- make pizza and watch a Christmas movie
- make Christmas cards to send to friends and family

- hot cocoa and candy canes after school
- set up Nativity and talk about the true meaning of Christmas
- wrap teacher's gifts and make cards for them
- family game night- Christmas Bingo
- take the girls shopping to buy a gift for each other and pick out a toy to donate to Toys for Tots
- decorate Christmas tree and listen to Christmas music
- Christmas Eve- new jammies and reading of 'Twas the night before Christmas
- caroling with Girl Scouts
- Christmas Express (drive to KC) Christmas music, fun treat & a new book
- St. Nicholas Day- the girls are getting their own bible and another small gift
- special Christmas craft, think this is cute:
- make snowflakes to hang around the house
- take treats to neighbors and police station
- celebrate Christmas in St. Louis
- go to the library and check out some Christmas books
- read the story about the birth of Jesus
- color gift tags with kids, these are cute:
If you like these go to: Raggedyscrappin
- Christmas Day in KC

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